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Re: A few observations.

Richard the picture man wrote:

I look, I read, but mostly I listen.

One thing I read once (in a Readers Digest I think) was that of all interchangeable lens cameras sold, over 70% were used for up to two months after purchase (probably for a holiday trip) and never used again.

From reading the forums here, those people asking for advice nearly always ask for advice regarding Nikon v Canon. It would seem that other brands do not exist.

Several of these people give me the impression that they truly believe spending more money = taking better pictures. Moreover some of the repliers tend to foster and encourage that belief.

I also get the impression that many newcomers (not all ) have a marked disinclination to actually start their hobby at the beginning. Very few of them want to truly learn about things like  depth of field, perspective compression, Hyperfocal distance, panning, pre focusing etc. It seems as if they want to buy a camera, set it to scene mode and fire away. No wonder they get bored after just a few months.

I think the problem is there are two kinds of newcomers who are buying ILCs.

Some are people who are interested in photogrpahy per se. And they will I think want to learn the theory, once they know that there is theory to be learned (if they aren;t already aware there is theory to be learned).

But there is another class of user, like my mother, who don't want to be photographers per se.

They want to take snapshots, for want a of a better word, but for some reason their phone camera or more rarely these days there P&S won't let them.

Maybe they it's too dark in the nightclub or at the birthday party, maybe shutter lag when little jimmy kicks his goal, means they never get the shot they want.

I rather suspect that most people who buy ILCs are in the second class.

They are looking for a solution to a aproblem, not a hobby or a past time.

So they spend their money and they get there entry level DLSR or mirrorless camera and it either does live up to their expectations but it too big and bulky for them to bother carrying, so they revert back to  their P&S or phone living with whatever problem they had before.

Or worse it does not solve their problem (e.g. that f/3.5 kit lens does not help in the dark nightclub or the non stabilised 300mm lens does not work well handheld, so little jimmy is always blurry - on a $600 camera no less!!!) so they leave their new ILC at home and no longer trust camera salesman who sold them a camera that will do the job, but not the lens and was not going to lose a sale by telling them the unpalatable truth that they needed a lens as expensive as the camera to really do what they wanted.

There are people on this site and of course other sites, giving out advice that is incorrect and misleading. They do not know how little they really know. It would seem that they have not even read the original post and certainly do not understand the original question.

I listen to other people, sometimes in a camera club situation prattling on about how superior their camera is. Only to find that one year later they have left photography for some other hobby.

As someone who has derived enormous pleasure from photography and would wish the same pleasure to all newcomers, it saddens me that we photographers have allowed this situation to develop. Years ago we had the desire and discipline to learn  but not the superb equipment we have now. These days we have the super equipment but very few people with the desire and discipline to make the effort and learn.

It's not us. Well maybe a little bit, like you said bad advice etc.

But mainly I think that people simply don't value and in fact in many cases can't tell the difference between a good image and a bad one. And are happy enough with a bad one, if having a good one means they have to carry a "big" camera AND learn to use it.

For a lot of people it is the product at the end, not the process of getting their.
And if the process is too hard, they'll live with a crappy  product.

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