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Re: Have tried out a Leica M9-P two weeks ago...

miles green wrote:

Lol Dominique!

You're forgetting the lousy high-iso, especially for a FF! 

Yes, the M9-P's sensor is CCD based, so, there are no miracles to be expected for high iso performance.

Don't get me wrong, i apreciate the mechanical, optical and design excellence, but the technology "flop" is unexplainable to me, especially at this way-out-of-my-budget pricerange.

True. I am waiting for my final decision until I can take a Leica M into my hands, hoping they addressed the technology issues. If I pay such a high price for a camera, I expect at least an LCD screen allowing to verify the sharpness and a processing speed fast enough to get the feeling of a responsive camera, both aspects where not met with the M9-P I tested two weeks ago.

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