Hassy's Lunar gets real

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Re: Hassy's Lunar gets real

dmanthree wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

Yeah, sure, I'm ready to spend over $5K for a NEX 7.



It's not worse than what Leica do to panasonic cameras, if anything they might have even put more effort in.

What really gets me is that Hassy was not  "luxury" camera company. Their reputation was for building highly functional, reliable, and modular cameras that produced excellent images. They weren't cheap, but selling this PoS as  luxury item is, well, brain dead to me. Sure, they'd offer the occasional collector's kit, but by and large Hassys were shooters cameras, not toys for the rich.

Yeah but Leica was not originally a luxury company either.
They became that to stay profitable.
I'd say Hassy is doing the same.

MF is not something I know anything about, but from what I can tell, Hassy is not doing all that well in digital MF, s my guess is they'e just looking for a way to keep their heads above water and taking money out of the hands of those  over endowed with cash and under endowed with an eye for value, by gluing exotic materials to a NEX is a reasonable well proven way of doing it.
As long as the market for crocodile skins and hardwood cameras is big enough to support both Hassy and Leica.

Of course Hassy is behind the 8 ball, because Leica is now well established in the luxury market and Hassy will have to convince the over well financially endowed that they have the cachet to match Leica.

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