Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: ACDSee Pro 6

Henry Richardson wrote:

It appears that ACDSee Pro 6, Corel Aftershot Pro, Apple Aperture, and Darktable or sort of similar programs to Lightroom.  It is my understanding that they are all a DAM + raw processor + non-destructive editor.  I see that ACDSee Pro 6 is now $59 which seems like a very good price.  Anyone used it?

I was pleased enough with the trial to buy it. The price, at $60, seemed so reasonable that I thought it was worth at least that and provided some exceptional features.

It has a layout similar to CaptureOne in that there are View, Develop and Edit Modes. The Develop Mode is non-destructive while the Edit Mode is destructive. Of course, if you are using raw images, it is non-destructive to the original image.

The Develop Mode contains some very good tools and I found that I could get about the same out of it as I could with LR4. It is missing some of the functionality in LR4 (for example, it does not have any gradient functionality) but includes some functionality not in LR4 (I believe the distortion functionality to be better than LR4 and, in the Edit Mode, it has the ability to do extensive image distortion). The quality of its adjustments seems as good as LR4. As mentioned in another post it will read, but not write, dng.

My main complaint is that it does not allow the use of 3rd party plugins so, if I want to use my Topaz plugins, I have to use Fusion (their external editor for plugins). That works well enough and, one nice feature, it allows the user to configure what seems like an unlimited number of external editors. I currently have 4 defined and it is allowing me to add more if I wish.

I think, at the price, that it is well worth the trial although I should mention that when I bought it the "sale" was supposed to end a couple of days ago. It is still selling at the "sale" price and perhaps that is its normal price. I don't know. There is an ACDsee specific forum although there is not a Pro 6 specific forum.

Hope this helps.

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