Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

jtan163 wrote:

Well in addition to the D800, the D700 replacement and the 5D, why not just buy the D4?
Or the D4 and the 5D?

I went for the D800 when it came out like many D700 owners. I was hoping that the crop modes would be more useful and practical than they actually are.

I love the D800 for some applications.  It is the king of IQ and a truly exciting body.  I still have my old D700 (which I hardly use), but will be selling it.  I already had a 5D2 (bought it cheap when I got tired of waiting for a high res affordable Nikon body), so upgrading to the 5D3 was a no brainier.  It's ironic that Canon and Nikon seemed to have switched roles.

I never considered a D4 until recently when I had the money, but decided against it.  I've decided to invest in more Canon glass, seeing as they have some lenses Nikon do not.  I love both cameras (D800 and 5D3) and they both suit my requirements.  All things being equal, it would make more sense to stick with one system, but I am concerned that Nikon might be struggling to keep pace at the top end.  Canon just have too many resources and they seem to have regained their focus, while Nikon appear to have lost theirs.

You stated 4 points.

I stated for 4 points along with a D600 sensor, which is why I said I wasn't interested in the D600.  You're not making an strong case by being pedantic.

Doesn't suit all your requirements. Not quite the same as not being a viable replacement.

It's not a replacement according to Nikon either, so it's not just my opinion.

And this statement is based on...?

Based on the fact that Nikon have released more DX bodies than FX ones.

Well since you find forums such compelling evidence, the forums are full of entry level users replacing and moving up.

Entry level users don't already have FF  Nikon DSLRs

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