Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

SubPrime wrote:

jtan163 wrote:

Get the  D700 replacement option, the D800

Wring.  Even Nikon say the D800 is not a replacement option.  In any case I have a D800 and I still want a D700 replacement.  That's $3000 not going to Nikon.

I think, IIRC they said it was not THE replacement for the D700.
Well in addition to the D800, the D700 replacement and the 5D, why not just buy the D4?
Or the D4 and the 5D?

Or is there something the D4 doesn't do?

Wrong shade of black?
Unfortunate radius of the curves on the grip?

Ticks all your stated boxes.

No it doesn't.  My stated boxes are what I want to see in a faster body with 24 mpx or less.

No it does.

You stated 4 points.
The D800 met all of them. 
Now you might have more requirements than those 4 points.

What features does the D800 lack which would make it less suitable as an all round workhorse than the D700?

Smaller files.

Faster burst rate.

Does the fact the meter and AF is improved higer DR, and high ISO performance

I love the D800, it just doesn't suit all my requirements for certain jobs

Ah that's the crux isn't it?

Doesn't suit all your requirements. Not quite the same as not being a viable replacement.
Just not for you.


Yes, the forums are full of Nikon shooters switching systems.

According to this http://www.nikon.com/about/ir/ir_library/result/pdf/2013/13_f_d_e.pdf Nikon just sold 2.7 million intercahngeable lens cameras and 3.93 million lenses this year up until May.

So what?  Most of those are entry level systems that were recently introduced.

And this statement is based on...?

Well according to the stats it did end up in Nikon's hands

For one off buyers buying entry level systems who won't buy again.

Well since you find forums such compelling evidence, the forums are full of entry level users replacing and moving up.

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