Sigmas lenses for Nex.

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Re: Sigmas lenses for Nex.

davect01 wrote:

originalsauce wrote:

on the flip side of this without being contentious, if everyone decided to keep their lenses for 50 years before buying an 'upgrade' where would  progress and innovation be?

I read the original question as more for a curiosity and a greater understanding in the difference in models than a 'I must have the new toy now!

Seriously?  If I have a fully functioning lens, I should upgrade, just to support the industry? Even if the one I was buying had no conceivable difference?
I am the kind that keeps a car for ten+ years. I guess I should be more supportive of the automobile industry and buy a new car every two years.

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That's your choice. Don't think anyone was putting the proverbial gun to your head. I was referring to a far larger picture than one individual.

It all depends what you want out in life and what makes you happy. You can with a little work and savvy buying have a new car every two years at the same cost give or take as keeping a car for 10+ years. Whatever floats your boat.

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