Hassy's Lunar gets real

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Yeah, sure, I'm ready to spend over $5K for a NEX 7.



It's not worse than what Leica do to panasonic cameras, if anything they might have even put more effort in.

What really gets me is that Hassy was not  "luxury" camera company. Their reputation was for building highly functional, reliable, and modular cameras that produced excellent images. They weren't cheap, but selling this PoS as  luxury item is, well, brain dead to me. Sure, they'd offer the occasional collector's kit, but by and large Hassys were shooters cameras, not toys for the rich.

I never realised Leica used to be that much of a luxury camera company. I thought it was pretty much the standard for working photojournalists back in the day.

If you see any photos of PJs in Viet Nam it's very likely that they'd have at least one Leica around their neck. Leicas were a standard of quality and durability.

So Lecia never used to be a luxury camera brand either? Cos it sure is now.

I think Hassy is being percieved similary tbh, although they still make possibly the best "working" cameras in existance.

It was a premium brand, but not luxury. It was a shooter's tool, and one of the very best.

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