What might go wrong with GX2

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Re: What might go wrong with GX2

peevee1 wrote:

First things first. What MIGHT go wrong? Isn't a little premature at this point? Yes, it is. Just like the rumors which, I suspect, were released deliberately to save some market from going to E-M5 and E-P5, also very prematurely, 3 months before RUMORED ANNOUNCEMENT, not even release (compare to the rumors about GF6, for example, just days before announcement).

So let's discuss what might go wrong with GX2 as rumored, and not abstractly, but in comparison to these competitors the leak was directed against.

By decreasing probability:

1) No weather sealing (compared to E-M5) - almost certainly

Probably correct, but not a big deal IMO.

2) Less effective IBIS (compared to 5-axis in E-M5 and E-P5) - almost certainly

My guess is that it will be Panny's hybrid IS which will give equivalent or better performance to Oly's 5-axis IF used in conjunction with in-lens IS.

3) No articulating screen - almost certainly

Agree, although "almost certainly" is to strong.

4) Old inferior 18-mpix sensor from GH2 - high probability (they promise a "new sensor" in every camera, in most cases it is a lie)

I'd say there's a low probability there.

5) Low readout speed from the old sensor=lower AF speed - high probability (see above)

Very low probability.  Even the G6 has high readout speed.

6) Low quality EVF, maybe 200kpix unit from LF1, or sequential junk from G-series - high probability (have to fit it over screen somehow).

Again, very low probability.  See recent 43Rumor.

7) Too high a price (with 14-42PZ) compared to $900-with-PZ-lens NEX-6 (direct competitor with 2.4Mpix EVF and articulating screen) - medium probability.

Too high is a relative term.  I would expect the first MFT rangefinder with built-in EVF, IBIS, and new sensor to command a high price.

All rumors and guessmongering.

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