Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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Re: Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

Sorry about your experience.

I have read before of the AFS failure in the AFS 80-200. Similar to the widely reported failure of the A/M ring on the 2 ring 80-200 (but apparently that can be taped with duct tape and used, no big deal).

Hence, why I am aiming to buy a 80-200 2.8 one ring push pull. Great optics, and if the AF motor stops, I will be able to manual focus, no intention at all of having it repaired if the AF fails.

Even the recent 70-300's I have seen reported AFS failures, albeit maybe not that many. But, the 80-200 2.8 AF-D seems much better optically  (pro level glass vs consumer ...there is a reason it cost so much new) and it is made to alternate as an MF lens anyway.

Still best value around for an amateur in my opinion and for my needs.

Thing is, less complex   =less to break down and easier to fix.

Like the modern day cars. Electronics up the wazoo. A bit better on fuel yes, but when it breaks, needs all kind of diagnostics etc etc etc. Whereas the old carburetor cars were easy to fix, for an owner, unless it was something major.

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Enjoy.....believe in yourself..

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