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Re: Leica is people, not some imaginary idea

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

There s only one Leica in the world. Pentax is a different camera company. The last 10 years have not been good to them, having being sold twice and now under Ricoh ownership, it seems that things still don't move fast enough..

Pre-2008 Leica and today's Leica are not same.

When the management was fired, they have turned their position upside down.

Bold decisions, bold development, bold commitments, much better marketing, good listening, protection of crucial assets (lenses, brand name, brand perception).

So when we talk about "Pentax having hard times", we talk about incompetent people, weak ideas, lack of commitment, lack of stamina.

Leica's continued existence is more about Matsushita Electric Industrial Co requirement to  access the Leica name for their lens.

They are nothing but a small puppet company to the Panasonic behmoth.

At least Pentax have been sold as a going concern something I don't think Leica is anymore.

Leica is to Panasonic as Schneider Kreuznach is to Samsung or Carl Zeiss to Sony.

As Olympus bookkeeping made interesting reading it would interesting to see Leica without the crutch of Panasonic.

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