Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

SubPrime wrote:

jtan163 wrote:

Yes they did.

When they released the D700 they raised the bar too high and maybe canabilised D3 sales.

Not really.   By the time the D700 came along, D3 sales would have slowed down.  Those who bought the D700 were never going to pay the money the D3 was going for.

I know  couple of people who have D700s as backups to their D3's.
If there were no D700's they'd almost certainly have bought a second D3.
But we'll never know for sure, because they did release both models.
Not all D700 sales would have cannibalised D3 sales, but I reckon a decent number did.

I imagine they don't want to do that again, hence the stronger differentiation between the current line.

That's a flawed argument.  If they are going to withhold a D700 successor to force people to buy a D4, then it ain't gonna happen.  They'll just encourage people to jump ship to Canon.  That's why there are so many former Nikon people popping up on the Canon forums.

They've released a D700 replacement.
It's the D600.
That's the low end FF body.
Or the D800, that's the slower pro body.

In other words the line is more specialised. 
The D700 fulfilled both roles.
It's replacement's don't. 
Nikon's moved on.

You want prod body fast? D4.

Or a 5D3.

That's another approach.
Knock yourself out.
Or get yourself a Sony.

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