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Re: Another double account disclosed

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I take your general points completely, but I wondered if it's true that there are any (many) photos that received no votes at all. I've always assumed that th histogram is real votes, and that the overall score is the average of that modified in various ways. Entrants can always extract the actual votes from the histogram and work out the average of those.

Also, I've never checked, but I assume that, particularly for those challenges where the hosts exhort entrants to vote, that those who do vote mostly vote for all the entries except their own. (The 'footprint' of this would be an even spread of the number of votes across entries.)

DPR uses a voting system which allows voters to cast their votes on any number of entries (i.e., not all). It is so decribed in the voting instructions. That is also why some voters only pick one entry to support, and their vote enters the calculation. Since no vote explanation is obligatory (and it would be extremely difficut to enforce such a thing), such voters' anonymity practically makes it impossible for hosts to discourage this kind of behavior.

When it is explicitly allowed to vote on any number of entries, and when it is not possible to immediately neutralize malicious voting, then more than just a theoretical possibility exists that the final results can't be accurate. And if a chance for inaccuracy exists, it will occur, to paraphrase Murphy - thus, rendering the voting results (also basic Challenge intentions) useless.

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