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Re: Couple of Items

Slynky wrote:

OldArrow wrote:


My concern is that, although it looks like all votes were cast by the voters, some percentage will actually be the result of soe other process.

Re (1)... Hurried voting can happen in every challenge. There is no way to check it. Many people hurry so as to see more challenges to vote or "vote" upon...


The difference, in my opinion, in item #1 is that people who currently chooseto vote on all images will likely try to do a good job whereas people forced to vote will not likely care as much. Tthat's my opinion. Mix that in with the people who plan to subtley sandbag (making it difficult to conclusively see what they are doing), and you might not have as wonderful a voting system as you would hope.

IMO, there should be some way to gather sufficient votes, and by sufficient I mean so many that any tactical voting becomes ineffective. If there is another way to achieve that goal, I'm all for it, as you know, since the final effect should be an honest result and usable top-list (=stats).

It is just that I do not see any other way to collect enough votes, so far, and I know people will never stop trying to push their personal favorites (or photos?!) to the top, regardless of the entry quality.

Sure, there are other ways, like separating the votes for various image elements and deducting the results from the overall quality - but what if the high vote values are not for quality reasons? This can't be influenced, and that's what makes voting so problematic. Besides, the system mentioned is very slow and outright tedious, also requiring that voters actually know what they're doing. You know the answer to that one, since many people here still do not distinguish good PHOTO from attractive THEME. Thus, this kind of voting is more appropriate if you have a Jury, where all the judges are qualified photographers...

The glorified & cursed LIKE / DON'T LIKE system? Simple... but still, wide open to tactical manipulation: the less votes gathered, the more influential the tactical votes...

So, the problem remains: how to get enough votes to disarm the malicious / dishonest intentions?

Many times I've seen here the expression "forced to vote". With all due respect, there is no such thing. Nobody can be forced to vote, except if the number of votes is used to gather tickets for challenge entering! If, say, 100 votes cast equals 1 challenge entry, that could be interpreted as a forced voting, and yet, the votes have to come from somewhere... What I have suggested is in no way "forced voting". Everyone is still free to vote or not to vote - but once they decide to vote, then that should be done properly: on every entry. That's why the entrants have submitted their works.

We-Entrants want human evaluation of our works, but We-Voters do not want to work on it...

So what's the best way?

Anyway, even if the perfect, magic-proof voting system were found here, that still wouldn't guarantee its implementation. DPR will finally decide whether any suggested challenge changes go to the programming phase. This here is just an open talk about what we think would be the best, or at least better than the hole-riddled system that we grapple with right now.

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