What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

ConanFuji wrote:

Actually the system convicts a defendant when he is proven guilty "beyond reasonable doubt."

It's not good to convict someone because there is "reasonable doubt".

That's why Iraq has burned to the ground .... because there the President of the United States, GW Bush had some reasonable doubt that Saddam wasn't honouring his word on not producing WMD.  (That's all a play anyway, because the whole shbang was to raid Iraq's oil with his Haliburtn friend.)

Clear, Mr. Veteran?

Slynky wrote:


So, that's why we in the US tend to use the phrase, "reasonable doubt"

From Wikipedia,

Beyond reasonable doubt is the standard of evidence required to validate a criminal conviction in most adversarial legal systems.

Generally the prosecution bears the burden of proof and is required to prove their version of events to this standard. This means that the proposition being presented by the prosecution must be proven to the extent that there could be no "reasonable doubt" in the mind of a "reasonable person" that the defendant is guilty.

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