My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD


This is exactly what I keep telling people who think you can shoot with very fast lenses and not need flash.
You misfocus too frequently and even a small misfocus can utterly destroy a good image.
In fact - working at such apertures is difficult even when complemented with flash (meaning you get to shoot at even higher shutter speeds).

That's besides the point that good flash usage gives a much more pleasant lighting to many scenarious.

I personally don't like flash, prefer to use available light, never used 85/1.2@1.2, 70-200/2.8 used wide open but I can't tell that DOF was too shallow to keep focus in right place, so I had to make many doubles to make sure that I will have well focused shot at least on one of the photos, with Oly I could say that this problem has gone. 75/1.8 is supersharp wide open, love this lens!!

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