My first wedding with OMD

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Re: My first wedding with OMD

Moti wrote:

Very beautiful and professional wedding photographs and I like both series, each has it's own charm and character and a mix of both styles would be great in the album.

I am also a wedding photographer and am switching from Canon FF to OMD. Your photos prove me that I do the right decision so thank you very much for sharing.

I have one question. Did you also use the OMD in real low light situation such as church, dinner, dancing etc and if yes, can you please give some info about your experience for AF speed and noise levels in these conditions.



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One of the reasons why I decided to share photos was to show people that OMD is capable to do weddings and IMO job done not so bad:) (I compared IQ with my previous weddings made with Canon FF)

Used OMD in low light situations, noise level is surprisingly good, primes like PL 25/1.4 give you good DOF, not too shallow for banquet or. I also use FL500 which is powerful enough to do the job. The only thing I can say about low light situation is that it is better to keep WB right for each situations because it is harder to fix tints when use LR, I mean harder than for FF. Also it is better to keet right exposure or better even slightly overexpose - this because 12 bit RAW on Oly, this give less freedom in PP especially in shadow areas.

Yesterday was cloudy and rainy day, so many of photos above are made with high ISO, photo with bride near by the tree made with ISO 3200, but a lot of details still in the image which surprised me because with FF image at same situations was much softer.

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