What might go wrong with GX2

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Re: What might go wrong with GX2

dinoSnake wrote:

Wow.  One web site creates a fantasy of 'confirmed' rumor...and everyone jumps on board as this being the most likely truth.

Let's stop with the fanboyisms and get with some solid analysis.  Let's talk from both a business and design perspective:

Going with the old 18MP mult-format sensor of the GH2 does not sound all too good an option, considering that Panasonic itself seems to be moving away from that direction by using a new, 16MP single-format sensor on the brand new GH3.  Now that the GH2 is discontinued keeping production going on a single sensor design to be used in a single camera is unprofitable; this is probably the reason why you are seeing more and more Panasonic designs introduced with the 16MP sensor.

So using the old, slower 18MP sensor is OUT.  Makes no business sense from the silicon fab point of view, makes not business sense from the marketing point of view (a new GX2, Panasonic's top-line rangefinder-style body, with slower AF and lower DR than the EM-5, E-P5, GH3 *and* G6?!).

IBIS makes no sense, considering Panasonic's investment in OIS.  No sense AT ALL.  Why this fanboy fantasy?  Panasonic decided upon OIS and has stuck with it, even in their brand new, top-line model; Panasonic believes OIS gives them the advantage during video filming.

EVF sounds like a good possibility.  The problem?  It will change the body size.  Period.  Either the body will grow to incorporate both the EVF and the built-in flash or the flash will be external, both can NOT fit into the current sized body. The flash tube and mechanism is about the same size as the EVF assembly.  Both can NOT fit into the current body at the same time while still keeping the same overall design.  If they 'shift' the entire top plate design to the right - push the shutter button closer to the right side, eliminate both the iA and movie buttons, and shift the hot shoe to the right - they just MIGHT have enough room for the flash tube in the center with an EVF on the left.

JUST might.  More likely, you'll see a body size increase.

So, conversely, if you like the size of the GX1 body with the current feature set (built-in flash) - better get them while they're hot.  Looks like this size body won't last for long, judging from the GH3 and G6 introductions.

Sound look like you fear about rumors !!! ha ha ha boy

don't b afraid,i and all people still unknown about this rumors,

but  trust source report like 1/8000,100 ISO and better IBIS on E-P5 and all come true on E-P5!!!

don't worry ha ha ha

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