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Great Bustard wrote:

If so, then wouldn't the comments about "unnecessary detail" mean that the people who made the comment represent a minority opinion of those that pursue photography?

Sometimes detail detracts from a specific image, sometimes it adds to it - choosing what is necessary and what is not is part of the artistry.  Which may be more or less appreciated depending on the times*.

I sometimes like images that have both a lot and a little of detail (as in some of Bob's mysty/long ss/low dof images or Ian Bramhan 's look ).  But generalizing, 'unnecessary' detail/sharpness may also be part of a look that we are getting tired of and/or that is not required by gallery going patrons of the arts today: Capturing and displaying perfect image information is too 'perfect' and tells us too little about the artist and what s/he is trying to convey.  A perfect capture/print may be categorized as an impersonal poster, merely the recording of what was there - A willfully 'imperfect' capture/print may instead be categorized as an artistic expression of the artist's thoughts and feelings at the time.   Humans do not love perfection served on a silver platter - they love puzzles and imperfections that challenge them to figure out something about who shot the image, what s/he felt at the time and what s/he wants to say.  The beauty of digital is that often one can capture and process for both, if one wants.


* Recently whenever a certain look has become popular a plug-in has been developed to create it easily. The KR look, the color feature inside a B&W look, the grunge look, the heavy HDR look.  They get tiresome quickly.  I think we are currently coming off the Tonal Contrast look: a mixture of all of the above

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