I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

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I would wager ...

what they mean is not how digital being photographic or what, its about what those image manifest after a more than heavy hand manipulation. Mostly we call over-processing.

Aesthetically speaking though, there is another key issue with such, not with the camera, the media, the print, or the sensor, but the viewer. Viewer in general had been exposed to images over their life on magazine, TV, media and loads more. They've come to expect photo to be in a certain manner ( character ). In past era, that's most likely Color Photo taken with 35mm system, some with Medium System, most had to be enlarged from the Neg / Slide and the result usually show that character. If a Photo come to them and do not show those character they expected, they would view it as odd as these new Digital photo do. That must be stated though that also is of the making of the photographers. JPEG shooters are usually unaware that their in camera JPEG engine ( even on so call a Neutral tone curve ) tend to over saturate quite a lot compare to film ( which in fact in most case undersaturate ) and carry a hefty sharpening so that they look nice, crisp, sharp and contrasy on screen, which usually do not translate well to print either.

And this is not Digital alone. I shoot Large Format too, and when I present casual non photographer with a Contact print from my 8X10 color neg the comment usually is the same, that the print look odd, too much details

This in term reflect why such lo-fi hype had been around for some time. In a way that the viewer reject the presentation of the capture as such delivered by digital platform because to them they just look odd.

For the part though, its not digital or film, nor form factor. I do my own print , processing my RAW myself for those print, and I have them send to display and generally they are well received. On the other hand we must take a look at the other end of the spectrum where digital made possible some very very detailed capture or captures ( multi-frame image ) like HDR, Focus stacking, etc , and there are many very quality prints from those gene too.

That remind me ultimately of my younger days when people move from 120 Medium Format to 35mm. I recall quite well back then many complain about the 35mm photo lacking that Air of Photographic , that details in the depth of the capture etc etc .... And by god if they think digital is too much , take a look at a good old Fuji Velvia cature, especially on a large format ... they can just as much over-processed.  ...  lol

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