Nikon d300 still good?

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Re: Nikon d300 still good? Going rate for good condition

aidanstewart wrote:

I have the chance to purchase a nikon d300 for $500. I have a d5100 right now an want to extra ad performance and weather sealing. Is $500 a good price even for the camera today?

That is the going rate for a lowish actuation, good condition D300.

Look at KEH used section for comparison. I got mine in February for 619 from KEH, very good condition and very low actuation (though they do not guarantee nor give actuations, mine happened to be low).

Note that physical condition is important as well as actuation, because a camera can have a second shutter (after a replacement) and the rest of the body used a lot, but actuations low.

But, if in good condition and working well, that is the going price.

My 'personal suggestion' is if from a trusted friend,  and seems fine, should be okay. If from a marketplace, you can get one for slightly more at KEH, they have a 6 month warranty. So you will quickly find out how its working and be able to return it, if necessary. B&H, Adorama, Cameta Camera  should be alternatives too.

Good luck.

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