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Have tried out a Leica M9-P two weeks ago...

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

I wish if Pentax had learned a lesson or two from Leica. Let me explain.

I am not sure many would like paying Leica prices...

Have you tried out a Leica recently? I had the chance to get a Leica M9-P for testing purpose over a weekend. The delivered image quality is absolutely superb and the range finder is a wonderful help to get the focus spot on.

But then, the LCD screen of the *istD ten years ago is better than the one of the M9-P (which is by far not that old). Also, the ergonomics of the camera is far better for Pentax. It needs three buttons to delete the first photo on the M9-P, and a single button to delete the next ones. You also need the rear LCD screen simply to change the ISO.

Like Pentax with the 645D, they have a medium format, a Leica S system, but for which Leica has provided much more new lenses and overall enthusiasm, it seems.

Well, a full new system with new lens mount needs more new lenses than releasing a camera with an existing mount and a pretty well featured lens range.

With the new camera (category), Leica is now narrowing the gap between the camera categories, allowing more users to come. Quite unlike Pentax, who is still proud of its massive hole between the $10K camera and $1K camera offers.

The Leica M9-P (USD 6000) together with a Summicron 50/2 (USD 2000) produces wonderful photos, but they are not soooo much better than what the K-5 IIs is producing.

For sure, Leica features exceptional lenses with a very effective focusing system. But when paying a premium price, I expect to get a camera with premium technology. A low resolution LCD screen not allowing to review the photos taken is really not what I expect from such an expensive camera. The *istD had a better screen, 10 years ago.

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