I would like to discuss the aesthetics of photography...

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One thing I'm wondering about...

Draek wrote:

Wow. That's news to me, but... it makes sense, as well, that too much detail could be dizzying and ultimately adverse for the photograph. I'd noticed many of my favorite prints had a certain softness to them (be it from motion blur or focus errors), but thought it was because they were good photographs in other respects---never thought that softness might've contributed to my liking them.

Gonna have to make some experiments and read more on the matter, it's certainly an interesting train of thought, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

...is landscape photography, which is probably more about captured detail than any other type of photography.  So, does this apply to landscape photos as well, or might it be that certain types of photos benefit from a certain softness (e.g. portraits) whereas others benefit from greater detail?  Or is it a general thing?

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