E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

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Re: Nicely done!

Great Bustard wrote:

Kevin Sutton wrote:


These are my reworks. Both from ACR7.4 with highlights at -45, whites +10, blacks -5.  The E3 file was "flat" saturation settings and the EM5 file was saturation -40 on Magenta. No difference in any other settings.

Cheers Kevin

The E3 photo was processed a bit cooler than the EM5 photo.  Might want to even that out a bit in the comparison (either cool down the EM5 photo, warm up the EM5 photo, or anywhere in between).

In any event, nicely done!


Thanks everyone for the comments.  I agree that there are some differences still but I couldn't get any "global" changes to give images that were comparable.  I think the Sony sensor/Trupic image pipeline produces somewhat warmer images than the Panasonic sensor/Truepic combination and talking out the magenta seemed to tame most of that. I started fiddling with the other colour sliders but ended up making a mess.

I remember when I moved from the E-1 (Kodak sensor) to the E-3, I was initially taken aback by the cooler colours but after a while I realized that the E-1 images were way too warm and saturated, and started dialing them back.

I'm also green-grey colour blind so the differences in the leaves may not be that obvious to me.

As for the comment about the new ACR algorithms, yes they do make a difference.  I have reprocessed old high-ISO E-1 files that I thought were beyond help and found that, with a bit of gentle coaxing with the new noise reduction settings, they are quite printable at A4.

Cheers Kevin

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