I Will Not Shot in RAW

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Re: I Will Not Shot in RAW

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You write it yourself though: both are ultimately JPEGs. Therefore you should see no difference. If you could send us a RAW picture we can show you the difference and tell the difference.

I finally found a place to raise RAW
http://sharesend.com/onwoi2x6 - IMG_8591.CR2

Well, I like raw, but sometimes it takes a little time and it is easy to make mistakes.
I tested your RAW file, the way I often process
RAW files. But this is my interpretation, not yours! (quick and easy)


Good example of the improvements that can be made to RAW files.

I shoot RAW so that I don't need to:

  • Get the exposure bang on.
  • Get the WB right.  If you change it and forget to adjust as lighting changes you end up with worse results when shooting JPGs.

These are the main things I tweak, which is quick and easy, as you said regarding tweaks you made to the OP's image.  I don't need to worry about these for every shot, I can just focus on capturing the images, instead of missing opportunities by tweaking settings in order to get perfect JPGs.

Those that "only shoot JPG", have you ever played with RAW to see its benefits.

If the issue is with the amount of space the RAW files take up, then tweak the RAW images, convert to JPGs, and delete the RAW images.  Viola, you now have better JPGs then you would out of the camera.

Yup, he got rid of the green cast, and the image is sharper. I got very similar results.

But this was a perfectly exposed JPG, even the white on the Baboons head was not blown.

The real advantage to Raw is when you take a shot like this one, where I DID blow the highlights...

And by using RAW, saved the image...

Great shot.  what kind of bird is it?

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