about new XF55/200: I've seen only now

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Re: about new XF55/200: I've seen only now

PeterPrism wrote:

Mark, Definitely going to be a great product but I am a HUGE fetish and that's why I bought a XPro1; Leica does not make these slips...

Sure Leica doesn't, but look at the difference in price tag. You can't really compare the two, there are in different leagues. It's kinda like comparing a Rolex to a Timex. The fuji really offers a lot for the money and is the better price/performance buy.

With that said engineering composites are very strong, and I wouldn't actually call it a slip. I have a 17-50/2.8 Tamron on my desk that took a 5 foot fall onto concrete. It cracked the front element. The lens stayed in one piece, and mechanically it works flawlessly, zooms, focuses and everything.

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