Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: Did Nikon screw up?

Nice first post on dpreview. You know, coming into the Nikon forum for your first time with negativity about Nikon. Kind of like if you and I met on the courts, at the bar, at some landscape icon and you invited me over to your house for the first time and I responded by calling your wife fat and ugly and then beating your kid. So if you're getting a lot of flack, well, you probably deserve it.

Normally I'd join in the party, 'cause I have less than zero tolerance for the BS I find so often in this forum, but you know what? I had a really, really good day in a nice location taking pictures, so for once I"m actually going to respond as neutrally as I can.

You buy a D800 (or better yet, D800E) if you want, from low to mid ISO, by far, without ANY question, the best image quality. I don't know who fed you that BS that the 5Diii had better image quality than the 800 if we're talking low ISO. No banding, way cleaner shadows, and decent color - colors BTW are more going to be how you work with your chosen raw converter and set WB. Large file sizes? Not that much bigger than the 24mp bodies in real life.

You buy a Canon 5Diii if you are willing to give up the very best in image quality and drop back to about 3rd place (I consider both the 800 and the 600 to be superior in image quality) in order to get the best AF system in terms of first focus acquisition speed. This is a tradeoff you must think about, but let's be honest - Nikon never has beat Canon at 1st acquisition AF anyway, and yet I know professional NFL photographers who routinely shoot both systems who have no problem using pro Nikons, so we have to get real about how often, realistically, the fastest 1st AF is anyway. You also might consider a Canon 5Diii if you are a jpeg only shooter and/or you're limited in your skill set with raw processing.

The water gets murky if you're an event shooter. The 5Diii is one of those cameras that's pretty good at a lot of things but excellent/world class at nothing (kind of like the D700 was honestly) while the D800E is a bit more "tuned" towards the landscape and studio market. If you're specifically a high ISO shooter, frankly you need a D4 or a Canon 1DX and nothing else, with the D600 probably being in third place followed right behind with the 5Diii.

Frankly if you already have a large investment in Nikon glass, I don't see the point of switching. And you have to ask yourself, how bloody often do you REALLY use those way off center AF points anyway?

Of course, the other question is do you REALLY need to upgrade the D700.... if you're not making large prints REGULARLY, you might be better served by improving the things you're not so good at.


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