E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

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Re: Nicely done!

alatchin wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Kevin Sutton wrote:


These are my reworks. Both from ACR7.4 with highlights at -45, whites +10, blacks -5.  The E3 file was "flat" saturation settings and the EM5 file was saturation -40 on Magenta. No difference in any other settings.

Cheers Kevin

The E3 photo was processed a bit cooler than the EM5 photo.  Might want to even that out a bit in the comparison (either cool down the EM5 photo, warm up the EM5 photo, or anywhere in between).

Not quite, think about the impact of cooling the EM5 on the already desaturated leaf below the flower and the green at the top of the image (the closed bud). If you warm up the E-3 file we again move the greens warmer, and the red of the red flower starts to get "hot". Kevin gave it a good whack and came closer to my second attempt. But there are still differences in the blue, green and grey.

So he cools of the EM5 file making the greens in the dead leaf more grey, the greens in the bud more blue and potentially impacting the red of the flower... While his alternative is to warm the E-3 pushing the dead leaf etc more visibly away from the EM5 file.

That is why I specifically mentioned global adjustments... can they be brought to be identical? I know a lot of this is marginal differences, but they are different.

I didn't mean to imply that a global conversion could make the photos identical, just to say that with different global adjustments, the photos could have been made closer.

In any event, nicely done!

P.S.:  To the OP:  the AA filter has nothing to do with DR.

My comments on the AA I dont think (cant remember) had much to do with DR, but more to do with how the software interprets the colour from 4 pixels when the AA doesn't quite spread the light if you catch my drift.

Apologies -- I had misread what you wrote.

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