Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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Re: Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

lac111 wrote:

Surprising. I used to have, in fact I still do, have a list of all the Nikon authorized centers from a few years ago. It was available on the Nikon website, now I just checked and you have to input what item needs repair before they will give you the list. I did and it states that ONLY they are authorized to repair this lens. I surely hope that's not true.

Something to seriously consider when buying certain older used lenses. This could and possibly should affect the value of such lenses if they are not repairable.

Let us know what you find out.


That is a really "one off" lens that was not in production very long.  I don't suspect that particular issue is indicative of how all future failures will be met with when offered for repair, but this type of revelation does not resonate with me, as a consumer.

These are complex consumer products that are indeed prone to failure because of how delicately tuned they are and the punishment they are required to endure.  Based on Nikon's recent philosophy to deauthorize repair centers and require the repair work to be done by the subsidiary/importer, if this type of incident becomes commonplace, I will stop buying Nikon products.  To me, digital camera bodies are disposable at the moment because they are not a mature product yet (but they appear fast becoming so), but lenses should remain operational, if well cared for and properly maintenance, for as long as the user deems them serviceable.

There is 100% probability of failure of any mechanical/electronic product (lenses included) if the timeline is stretched long enough, and I do not want a bunch of useless, expensive book ends littering up a land fill just because I elect not to upgrade to the latest and greatest optics available and Nikon refuses to service a product is sold.  If Nikon determines that, an otherwise serviceable repair, is not a profitable enterprise and positions itself in the market to promote waste (by refusing to stock, carry, engineer, or machine replacement parts), I will find another brand that espouses to my correlative philosophy.  At present, I only replace lenses because the older lenses have great secondary market value and I can afford to and appreciate the optical benefits of the newer versions (I have never had a failure that could not be locally repaired) and lose little in the exchange.  In the future, however, I would like some further assurance that I am not investing in something that retains no value once it malfunctions or needs to be serviced.  I don't care how great the optics are, they become expensive fixtures if there is not some guarantee of repairability.

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