Firmware upgrade causes AF slow down on 18-55!

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Re: My impression is opposite

Travelshooter wrote:

that's the wrong size.  It says if it is not 36.5 download again.

It doesn't appear to be the wrong size. It seems that people are comparing the leading 3 digits of  Fuji's stated size (given in megabytes) with the leading 3 digits of what their browser reports, not realizing that their browser (or whatever app. they're using to check the sizes) is using bytes or kilobytes instead of Fuji's megabytes. If you look at one of your JPEG files that you know is exactly 3.00 mb in size and you're using an app. that shows sizes in bytes or kb, the most significant 3 digits will not be "300". It would be wrong to think that this means that the size has changed. What has changed are the units used to report the sizes.

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