Did Nikon screw up?

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Re: As someone who owns both the 5D3 and D800, I'd say no

michaeladawson wrote:

SubPrime wrote:

6. In terms of file size, the main advantage of the 5D3 is SRAW.

Perhaps.  But last I looked Canon does not have lossless compressed options.  Lossless compressed format on Nikon brings your file size down to a little of 50% of the original RAW file.

Actually, Canon does not have uncompressed RAW. all canon RAW are compressed by default.

D600 ISO100 RAW is about 30mb, while 5D3's is about 28mb.

Canon also does not have lossy compression or 12 bit compression. It is ironic because if Canon had 12 bit compression it would actually be useful while on Nikon you would want to preserve all that 14 stop DR and 25 bit colour depth.

Canon's sRAW1 is a little under 50%.

Canon MRaw is usually about 60% the resolution of full size RAW, and file size is about 75%. The reason for this disproportional file size reduction, I think, is that both full RAW and MRAW have the same embedd jpeg file.

The advantage of MRAW is not so much space saving but processing time saving. the tiem it takes for any LR action is reduced by 40% when dealing with MRAW.

I'd rather have Nikon's lossless compressed, which I use all the time, to Canon's sRAW.

As said above, both RAW are compressed.

I think D800 would have been more popular if it had MRAW, which would result in a 20MP image. Many people have expressed their dislike of processing 36mp file every time and it is a legitimate concern. 20MP is plenty of resolution for 95% of the work, in fact 20mp is all that you will extract from D800 with less than perfect lens or with perfect lens but at ISO 800 upwards (give or take).

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