Inconceivable! Nikon can't repair my 80-200 AFS!

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r e cummings wrote:

I told them that my 80-200 afs stopped focusing and more than likely had a dead focus motor. They had me send it to them. Status of my repair is "• PARTS NO LONGER AVAILABLE • NO REPAIR item shipped". How is this even possible? This was their premier zoom, and only went out of production in 2004. All I can say is LAME! Very sad because this is such a fantastic lens.

Unfortunately, that particular lens was not made for long and not that many were made. The AFS was a bit complex and sometimes prone to failure, especially the focus actuator from what I was told. As spectacular as this lens is, it is one reason I've always stuck with the 80-200 f/2.8 AFD models.

I also heard last year that Nikon no longer had many parts for the focus motors and actuators used on this lens and it doesn't share much with other lenses. It was a new design at the time.

Given it is such a good lens, I'd definately find a third party to repair it. Along with others, you might talk to KEH. KEH dropped repair certification with Nikon in order to remain a certified seller. They still have a lot of parts and they still do a lot of repair. Since they are also the largest used lens dealer in the world, they also may have used parts that will work. I'd at least call or email them to see.

Just for the heck of it, I'd ask Nikon for a supervisor or manager. State what happened and that the reason you buy Nikon is because of their compatibility and reliability over the years. Let him know you believe Nikon should sub out a production run on the parts. This is too short of a time to run out. There must have been a quality issue up front to use up the parts so fast.

Stick to your guns and politely move the conversation over to compensation. Suggest Nikon ought to give a large trade in value on your lens towards a new lens. That would solve two issues. It would make you happy and it would supply them with additional parts. I would try for something like your lens and an additional $1200 for a new 70-200 f/2.8 VRII and go from there. They were selling the new lens for $2100 after rebates at retail last month, so basically that's giving you $900 trade allowance for your old lens. I think that's fair. They benefit from more parts and get a happy customer. It's worth a try. Just stay polite but don't falter. Keep repeating your request until he does it.

Good luck and take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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