How much brighter are studio strobes than speedlights?

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Re: How much brighter are studio strobes than speedlights?

CraigBennett wrote:


It is all about how much energy is delivered to the tube and how you modify the light output.  I own 3 Speedlights, several monolights, and I just received an Einstein (E640) with a Power MC2 and the Vagabond Mini.  I took light readings today comparing SB-900/SB-910 (76WS), Flashpoint 2420 Monolight (1200WS), Flashpoint 1200 Monolight (600WS) and the Einstein E640 Monolight (640WS).  I will post the numbers here after I put them in a better format.

I use a tri-socket for up to three Speedlights into an umbrella, though at that point, with pocketwizards and external packs for the speed lights, it becomes more of a pain than benefit.  Would rather use my Einstein setup at that point and have three times more workable power to control.


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I would love to see the numbers posted when you get a chance.

- tommy

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