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Re: Leica Mini M

JDLaing wrote:

A. All Leica M cameras are mirror less.

Plenty of Leica RF users point to the mirror in the RF mechanism to distinguish the cameras from mirrorless. Logically it's a bit pedantic, but serves as a useful distinction given how different the focusing mechanisms are.

B. nobody that is an M shooter is being bled off anywhere.

Well I've read plenty of accounts from people who have sold their M8s for GXR or NEX6 while using M lenses on them. Many want a modern RF digital but can't afford a $7k for a M240. More affordable mirrorless options give folks a way in to the system.

C. The more plastic trash that comes along that will take M lenses sells more M lenses.

You realize that using phrases like 'plastic trash' doesn't project an endearing image outside the Leica community don't you?

Moreover, isn't this the entire point of Leica also engaging the mirrorless market?

Keeping people within the Leica fold and selling more lenses.

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