2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

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Re: 2 Sigmas (19&30), or 20mm 1.7

Iskender wrote:

grumpyolderman wrote:

The sigmas are really big, the pancake lest you slip you camera in a )large..) pocket, so it is really handy, and second hand should be no problem at all.


The Sigmas are *not* "really big". They're very small lenses, they're just not tiny. The 20mm is admirably small but it's no reason to throw away any sense of proportion.

As an example, I carry the 19mm with the lens hood on most of the time. It fits in large jacket pockets and bags - without reversing the hood. I use a Rally 2 bag for my Pen, and it fits inside the shortest dimension - meaning camera + lens + hood equals the height of your average SLR. The 30mm is even smaller, indeed it's flatter than even the first Olympus kit lens.

There are situations when the absolutely smallest lens is needed, but I think the differences between the lenses is small here. My P1 won't go in small pockets even as body only.

To the OP: I believe the greatest difference here is the low light ability. The 20/1.7 collects over double the light of the other lenses. If you foresee shooting in bad light (e.g. bars) then it will be the better option. If you plan on shooting outdoors and in well-lit indoors the Sigmas will give you two lenses for the price of one.

I subscribe to this. The small price of the Sigmas allowed me to procure the 30, the 19, and then the Panny 14/2.5.

On new cameras high sensitivity does away with the need of extreme light gathering. Sizewise the 14mm allows me the smallest, on a PM1, for street. The 19mm lives on the E-M5 for General Ph/phy, and the 30 comes into its own for portraits. Both are v. well balanced on the E-M5.

All three lenses AF instantly which is really a game changer, compared to earlier generation lenses. All three lenses are v. sharp and have a neutral colour signature, so the sensor gives much the same response and generate similar images, which is important to me.

The total expense has been around 400, so it's an absolute steal. They are all Highly Recommended, not to me, but by reviewers.


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