Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

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Re: Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

There s only one Leica in the world. Pentax is a different camera company. The last 10 years have not been good to them, having being sold twice and now under Ricoh ownership, it seems that things still don't move fast enough.

They have been able to keep some decent offerings in the APS-c market, the 645D in the medium format segment and the two oddities that are the k-01 and the Qs.

It seems nobody with certainty knows exactly what is their strategy in terms of marketing, product development. Also it seems they don't have an unified communications or PR strategy either.

Hyundai motors just announced they will bring the new 2015 Genesis sedan and it will be displayed the first time during the 2014 Detroit auto show next January! The main feature will be a dynamic all-wheel-driving system.

This is how marketing is done. You tell customers where you are heading. It doesn't matter if it will affect the sales of the current models.

Leica is also doing it and most camera manufacturers.

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