Leica entering m4/3?

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Re: Leica entering m4/3?

amalric wrote:

walkaround wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

Not sure if anyone else has spotted this on the front page.


DPR specutale it might be a permanent liveview FF M camera (something I would absolutely love tbh) but I was wondering about also maybe the possibility of Leica joining m4/3.

Anyone know when the next panny announcement is due? Maybe they have made a camera Leica feels comfortable putting its name on (GX2 maybe).

Pure speculation and I think DPRs guess is probably better than mine, which tbh I hope it is. I don't need an overpriced panny body. Just thinking aloud tbh.

m4/3 makes no sense for them. We already have mature Oly and Panny cameras at a cheaper price than Leica will ask, and we can already use M mount lenses on them.

Thinking about it more, I don't see what they could do that would be new and unique.

The only advantage I see is using Leica Lenses at their original designed focal. But I doubt that Leica sensor will have that much more resolution (see S. Huff's comparisons). Also now we have the Metabones adapters. Leica must feel the heat, one way or another.

But because people are still deluded by the FF illusion they'll flock to a slightly cheaper Leica model.


Maybe some will....me I will flock to it (if I can afford it or sony isn't quick enough) to use decent lenses at what they were made for (and still use them on smaller formats for different uses.

I look forward to a speedbooster too...if it comes first, that MAY be enough but there will always be that little bit of glass added....no matter how good it is, a camera that does not need a glass adapter will be better.....more expensive though.

Things like a 85 1.2 (got it), 50 1.2 (got one but want better), 24 1.4 want one.

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