Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Funny thread!

I'd say there's quite a bit of lying going on here. QUITE A BIT.

Having used ALL of the 85mm lenses and carefully comparing the 1.4G to the 1.8G, I chose the 1.8. I have fairly specific reasons that suit HOW I SHOOT and WHAT I SHOOT.

But anyone who claims there are big differences between the two lenses is simply a liar. No matter how you care to look at it, both lenses are VERY sharp, produce VERY nice bokeh and VERY good color.

Most of the time, shooting with my D800 and D700, I could hardly tell which lens shot what! Nobody, who's seriously out there shooting, would give two hoots about the tiny optical differences. That's how small they are.

I think folks need to grow up a bit. Many of the posts "1.8 slays" and "No comparison" are just comical. If you can actually take a good photo, the differences between these two lenses would be about as important to the final image as what you had for breakfast.

Both are excellent. I prefer the 1.8G. Some folks like the 1.4. What's the big deal? They are so close that these discussions are common. It's not rocket science. Pick the lens you like and take some photos!


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