When size matters (D800 pixel count)

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Re: When size matters (D800 pixel count)

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

dantastical wrote:

I suppose it depends what type of photography you do - if youre a birder then cropping might be important, although frankly if you cant afford lenses to give the reach you want then the d7100 will do better than cropping on the d800.

I would say nay to that.  The D800e cropped a bit smokes the D7100 for clean and sharp, with a lot less noise and way fewer artifacts to deal with, especially as you get up over ISO 400 or so.  The D7100 is only really good at very low ISO.

In my experience, you also lose much of the IQ advantage that allows the croppability of the D800E once you get much above ISO 400-800.  I have a D800E and a D4 and once the ISO needs to start ticking up above those levels, I find the D4 to be a much better camera - but at ISO 100, the D800E is unmatched (and is quite good to ISO 6400 as long as you don't need to crop).

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