Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

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Re: Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

What's so exciting about companies releasing 'new' products all the time? In the world of APS-C we have the marvelous example of Canon's Digital Rebel line, re-releasing essentially the same camera what seems like every few months.

How exciting is the Nikon's new D7100? A big step up from older tech like Pentax's K5 varieties? Not exactly, if the user reviews in the Nikon forum can be trusted. Leica make well built cameras (and excellent lenses) which, although lagging behind most other companies in terms of (digital) performance, still command premium prices.

Kind of the anti-Pentax in fact then, since Pentax tend to make class-leading cameras for sane people with ordinary-sized wallets

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