Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

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Re: Pentax — a Japanese Leica? Not really ...

Some people called Pentax a Japanese Leica camera and optics company.

But nowadays I cannot but notice that any resemblance, if it was ever true, is gone.

Leica, a tiny European camera and optics company, has been running on steam since late 2008/ early 2009, marking its presence in the world of digital photography with lots of strong decisions which its userbase has welcomed. Others who wanted and still want (deep in their hearts) to become Leica's users, often complain about their own inability to take a dip into some Leica's system, but still, some form of admiration stays.

I wish if Pentax had learned a lesson or two from Leica. Let me explain.

For a company that was once a no. 1 camera and optics company in the world, they have become perhaps the epitome for being the slowest to excite with something new. No, no, pardon me, the slowest is only Pentax's namesake company — Contax. But they are not around anymore. Will Pentax join its dinosaur cousin?

Leica is still around, and has evolved into something else. And it seems they'll be introducing some new camera (category) in a few weeks, and are not shy to tease their users and fans about it.

Leica had a major system for years without any AF, and it sold extremely well — they could not make enough of them.

Like Pentax with the 645D, they have a medium format, a Leica S system, but for which Leica has provided much more new lenses and overall enthusiasm, it seems.

They have also pioneered the compact body, fixed lens APS-C camera. Finally Ricoh has caught up with it, after so many years.

With the new camera (category), Leica is now narrowing the gap between the camera categories, allowing more users to come. Quite unlike Pentax, who is still proud of its massive hole between the $10K camera and $1K camera offers.

Leica also updates its lenses, refines them on a more regular basis, leaving no excuses not to buy them, silencing even their most critical users. Quite unlike Pentax, who still hasn't replied anything whether the SDM is an issue, or was an issue, or has never been. When did you see a MKII or v.2. lens from Pentax? Will you ever?

To me it seems that Leica does no secret magic, really — they simply listen better, think and respond faster, and remove obstacles that stand before them and their users. Like the management they have fired because the management claimed the FF was impossible for Leica.

If they have to learn any lessons they have to learn it from nikon not from was an APS/c manufacturer untill the D700 and D3 came then the market has been devided between canon and nikon.pentax with Ricoh can do the same as nikon if they want to be a real competitor.
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