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happysnapper64 wrote:

Richard the picture man wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Richard the picture man wrote:

I look, I read, but mostly I listen.

One thing I read once (in a Readers Digest I think) was that of all interchangeable lens cameras sold, over 70% were used for up to two months after purchase (probably for a holiday trip) and never used again.

From reading the forums here, those people asking for advice nearly always ask for advice regarding Nikon v Canon. It would seem that other brands do not exist.

Several of these people give me the impression that they truly believe spending more money = taking better pictures. Moreover some of the repliers tend to foster and encourage that belief.

I also get the impression that many newcomers (not all ) have a marked disinclination to actually start their hobby at the beginning. Very few of them want to truly learn about things like  depth of field, perspective compression, Hyperfocal distance, panning, pre focusing etc. It seems as if they want to buy a camera, set it to scene mode and fire away. No wonder they get bored after just a few months.

There are people on this site and of course other sites, giving out advice that is incorrect and misleading. They do not know how little they really know.

I listen to other people, sometimes in a camera club situation prattling on about how superior their camera is. Only to find that six months later they have left photography for some other hobby.

As someone who has derived enormous pleasure from photography and would wish the same pleasure to all newcomers, it saddens me that we photographers have allowed this situation to develop. Years ago we had the desire and discipline to learn  but not the superb equipment we have now. These days we have the super equipment but very few people with the desire and discipline to make the effort and learn.

Because when we were younger back in the film days, you actually had to work at just about everything to make something worthwhile, whether it be photography, writing (no computers), repairing cars or actually making something.

Now, we are told by companies and taught in schools that they can do everything for us and look after us. However, when we get these new fangled gadgets, we find that they can't do everything for us and we actually have still to do much ourselves, ie come up with ideas to take photos, have some knowledge and have some input and that makes it all too hard for many and they become disillusioned with their gadget and move on to something easier, like Facebook, Twitter, point and shoot cameras, making sure they hip, ie no substance, just the illusion of looking good.

Yes, I think you are spot on Lance, work is the bit that is missing.

Thing is many people do not realize that work can be fun and very satisfying, and after all fun and satisfaction are what photography is all about.

I simply loved practicing when I played golf. Many said practicing was boring, & they only played for fun, yet got really angry & frustrated when they played badly, yet still stubornly refused to do anything about it. I practiced very hard with physical limitations, & achieved a decent handicap. I have tried to adopt the same attitude to photography. I believe we only get out of it what we are prepaired to put in to it.

I was the same when I played golf.

You may remember the anecdote about Gary Player playing in a tournament where he sunk a shot out of the bunker and a spectator was alleged to have snorted, "Gees, you're lucky", to which Gary Player responded, "Yeah, the more I practice, the luckier I get".

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