Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens not so hot.

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Yup, it's pretty pitchy.

MarkJH wrote:

And, as if on cue:

There's the obligatory comparison shot where I'm supposed to see the "obvious" superiority of the f/1.8's image, and yet find more to like in the f/1.4 image?

(The fringing is more obvious on the f/1.8 side.  I think I might prefer the f/1.4 side's exposure (why they're different, sheesh, I'm not even going to touch.)  The "more color neutral" claim is a tough one to sell if you shot these in auto white balance, especially with the exposure variation.)

Also, this kind of comparison doesn't demonstrate the f/1.8's real strength, which, if I'm to understand it, is chart-topping sharpness at distance and smaller apertures.  Why not show us that?

These wacky comparisons are always bound to reveal more about you, the claimant, than they are about either lens.   So what this thread is really about, now, is the difference between your hot air argument about "best" and the comparative photographs that reveal no truth in any of it.  WTF, man?

This place is so weird sometimes.


"Ruh Roh!" and it's a picture of a dog!  

(That's a fine grab at the snark crown, MarkJH.)

Agreed, though, that MisterHairy walked himself right off the deep end on this.   It's a draw at best.  Maybe a "draw" is a "win" for the f/1.8 given that it's so much cheaper, but then there's build quality and flare resistance and weather resistance and all those other uses and results that a "test" like this won't show . . . . backlight, specular highlights, moderate distances, etc. etc. etc.

And we don't know if he's fine tuning, how he's fine tuning.  We don't know how he's white balancing.  We don't know what distance this is (how big the dog is, etc.)   He's talking word salad about "t-stops at comparable apertures," so it doesn't bode well for the rest of it.  And then there's just the general principle of thinking that a Rockwell-esque comparison like this actually shows something, anything, at all.  (Shades of the infamous Rockwellian stuffed Monkey, no?)

MisterHairy: you're pretty pitchy here, dawg.


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