EX1 & 14mm takes on Canon 6D!

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Re: EX1 & 14mm takes on Canon 6D!

EricWN wrote:

Clint Dunn wrote:

Lyle From Canada wrote:

Being the owner of  an xpro1 and a canon 6d i cant help but shake my head as topics like this.  Both cameras are excellent and have their strenghs and weanesses. Topics like this are simply nonsense.

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Really Lyle???  Did it occur to you that not everyone has the luxury of owning an XPro AND a full frame  Canon??  For those who have to choose between the two cameras these comparisons are very useful.

For the record I own an XPro1 as well as a 5D2....

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I disagree. These cameras are totally different animals with different strengths and often different target audiences.

Camera shops are the place where you can go and compare these things live and yourself.

I don't need to own both cameras to tell you that these threats are never any good advice unless you can clearly reproduce the results yourself. Besides, not everybody needs or wants to have both.

If you disagree...don't read the thread!  Pretty simple really.  Another thing, you already proved my point, 'not everybody needs or wants to have both' which is all the more reason to know how the image quality stacks up if you can only choose one!

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