What might go wrong with GX2

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Re: What might go wrong with GX2

peevee1 wrote:

I suspect, were released deliberately to save some market from going to E-M5 and E-P5,

I so so so agree with you on this. It's so darn obviously they did that it's downright embarrassing.  It's like children fighting. However I'm so happy to see Panasonic pulling no punches and going all out in competition. No corporate arrogance this time around.

By decreasing probability:

1) No weather sealing (compared to E-M5) - almost certainly


2) Less effective IBIS (compared to 5-axis in E-M5 and E-P5) - almost certainly

Agree, even the patent sort of shows that more or less

3) No articulating screen - almost certainly

nothing to indicate this

4) Old inferior 18-mpix sensor from GH2 - high probability (they promise a "new sensor" in every camera, in most cases it is a lie)

I don't think they'll use the old sensor. It seems they were really listening to customer demands on this one (even including styling like the L1!) so I believe they'll go all the way in satisfying customers by this one and not use a recycled sensor.

5) Low readout speed from the old sensor=lower AF speed - high probability (see above)

The old 18MP GH2 sensor can be called any freaking thing on earth except slow readout. That sensor is a freaking speed demon. I suspect it's faster than current Sony sensors. No way will the autofocus be slow. Even the current models using it (G5,G6) are better in AF than the Olys

6) Low quality EVF, maybe 200kpix unit from LF1, or sequential junk from G-series - high probability (have to fit it over screen somehow).

I don't believe it will be anything bad. Certainly thus far Panasonic doesn't have a bad EVF on any of their m43 models. Only thing I could think of is if the smearing issue some report on the GH3 carries onto it. Other than that, I think it's covered.

7) Too high a price (with 14-42PZ) compared to $900-with-PZ-lens NEX-6 (direct competitor with 2.4Mpix EVF and articulating screen) - medium probability.

Yes, I am suspicious that they will price it ridiculously. Just trying their best to ride out the GAS syndrome so prevalent in camera owners. They certainly attempted it on the GH3 and Oly attempts it now with the E-P5. If it doesn't work, they'll bring the price down as they always do.

And I don't see the NEX6 as being the competitor of the GX2. Simply because the NEX6 is a watered down cheap version of the NEX7, the flagship of that design as is the GX2 is the flagship of its category. They even crippled the dials on the NEX6 just to make sure no one confuses it with the king of the hill.

Also another worry that you didn't mention is size. How big will it be in the end? If it ends up being as chunky as those fat Fujis that need to go on a diet, then I'm not even considering it. What Panasonic did with the GH3 is just ridiculous  What were they thinking. You can even tell from this forum that most people weren't impressed by the fat camera. I hope the dietary problem of recent Panasonic models don't carry on to the GX2. That would be disgusting.

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