Leica entering m4/3?

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Re: Leica entering m4/3?

Dheorl wrote:

Not sure if anyone else has spotted this on the front page.


DPR specutale it might be a permanent liveview FF M camera (something I would absolutely love tbh) but I was wondering about also maybe the possibility of Leica joining m4/3.

Anyone know when the next panny announcement is due? Maybe they have made a camera Leica feels comfortable putting its name on (GX2 maybe).

Pure speculation and I think DPRs guess is probably better than mine, which tbh I hope it is. I don't need an overpriced panny body. Just thinking aloud tbh.

DPR's analysis seems more likely...a "stripper" version of their M240 or whatever it's called.  The parallax focusing setup adds a lot of cost to the body.  Removing that and using an EVF pulls down the cost, plus makes it very different from the high-end "legendary" body, thus reducing the odds of cannibalizing from its high end models.

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