Lumix 12-35 F2.8, not over impressed with bokeh.

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I'm not sure what you're missing here?

Yehuda_ wrote:

Loga wrote:

25mm 1.4 won't help in similar circumstances.

papillon_65 wrote:

is never going to be great for out of focus areas, especially with a busy background like that one. It's just one of the limitations of the format. Get one of the longer fast primes if that's what you want or a lens like the 25mm F1.4.

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Yes it will, at F1.4 it has 2 stops shallower dof, at that range it will obviously do a better job, you'd need to step back a touch but it would render the background a lot more smoothly and make it less busy.

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Not exactly.

I used a DOF calculator called dof calc on my smartphone and verified the following with other calculators:

If shot at the same distance to object, the 25 1.4 and the 35 2.8 have roughly the exact dof value.
Of course, the proportions are differently compressed because of the focal length.
In the same way you cannot achieve the wide angled compression with the 25. Period.

So this basically comes down to your needs. Work within reasonanle limits of the 12-35 and you'll get nice object-background separation.
Do it badly and you get complaints of the type started by the OP.

Use the 25 1.4 inefficiently and you'll be dissapointed with its bokeh as well.
I own the 12-35 and 45 1.8. In the past I had the 20 1.7 and the 25 1.4 so I'm taljing from my actuall experience.
That led me to play around with the dof calc to verify one might simulate the 25 1.4 shallow dof by shooting 35 2.8.

Any typos are due to typing this on my smartphone...

The F1.4 is two stops shallower than F2.8.  So lets shoot the 12-35mm at F2.8 and 25mm and the 25mm F1.4 at F1.4. Lets say the distance to subject is 8 ft for arguments sake. The 25mm will have a dof of 1.32 ft and the 12-35mm will have a dof of 2.69 ft, so thats twice as much. The 25mm F1.4 will give you better results than the 12.35mm for oof areas. You could go closer with the 12-35mm but if the end game is to get a nice portrait with decent oof areas behind the subject then you will use the 25mm every time over the 12-35mm. Oh, and I've owned and used all of the lenses you've mentioned, and some, and I'd use the 25mm F1.4 over the 12-35mm in that scenario every time, you'll also get less distortion on the facial features. Alternatively I'd use the 40-150mm F4-5.6 or the 45mm F1.8 for portraits instead of the 12-35mm.
The OP wasn't happy with the oof areas using the 12-35mm for a close portrait, the reason? thats just not it's forte, it's much better for landscapes, reportage and event shooting in my experience. It doesn't mean you can't use it how the OP did, just don't expect the background to look great if it's busy and close.

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