Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Here's the truth....

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

1. Mirrorless comes in many varieties, you does get what you does  pay for...

If I would ever choose one, I would get the OM-D....

However, do not not see the point in switching, as I am happy and have invested a lot of money in my Canon system. If I would want to add a lightweight cam to my bag - my choice would be the EOS 650D with 40mm pancake, which does take all my other lenses.

2. Not sure why a Pemntax viewfinder would be better for white balance, exposure etc??

In size it definitely is (compared to Canon), regarding white balance and exposure - this is no biggie with a tiny bit of experience. Most difficulties are encountered with artificial light sources, outdoors you are pretty safe.

My Canons tend to overexpose, - 1/3 to - 2/3 exposure compensation is a good rule of thumb. It actually is the same with my Canon compact - and possibly with MILC too.

Also, you always can shoot RAW + JPG, and if the shot is off, salvage in post.

Yes I often use the back screen in bright light...it's no biggie.

A biggie in my experience, with some compacts it was really guesswork. I would never buy a camera without viewfinder!

Not sure why you think all mirrorless shots are taken at arms length, there are many ways to shoot with mirrorless cameras and many of those ways are better than shooting with a DSLR.

You cannot press the camera against your face when your use the screen. It is exactly this which stabilises it. When holding it with your hand only, you forego the additional advantage that IS offers.

IS + hold with your hand away from face = no IS + pressed against your face < IS pressed against your face.

3. Micro four thirds cameras focusing covers a great portion of the frame also Contrast Focusing is more intelligent, you can enough background seperation with mft cameras...most consumers don't go for the watercolour mush look.

But there comes in the essence of focussing again. Here I referred to compacts and phones, not to µ4/3.

4. "often" won't bring those missed moments back...missed focus is missed focus.

See above. With µ4/3 you have to pay attention to focus in a similar way as in DSLRs. You cannot have it both ways - creative choices also necessitate a more skilled user.

5.  WYSIWYG is what consumers want in the main and I've know of new consumers that have expressed shock and frustration that their cameras do not work this way.

This may hold true for newer customers, who learned on digital compacts and phones. For me, the DSLR was much easier, because everything was similar to what I was used to in my film SLR.

Indeed, who has not experienced it, cannot appreciate the perfection of the latest generation slide film. With Fujichrome Sensia and a cheap lightweight EOS 300, exposure and colours were almost always spot on with a polarizer, minimal twiddling and exposure compensation.

6. The 2nd photographers that employ who all use canikon DSLRs all realise that mft cameras walk all over their cameras for natural shots.

Hmmm - I am very pleased with the natural shots taken with my Canon DSLRs. Picture style modes make it pretty easy, if you do not want to fiddle with RAW. Look at this forum - a lot of people happily shoot with Canon and some are even coming back into the fold...

7. but this is what largely happens, DSLRs are largely seen as the domain of men and difficult to use, I have no qualms about letting my girlfriend or kids use my mft cameras or Panasonic L10's

Wrong perception. I often hand my Canon DSLR over to my girl friend  and she produces amazing results with it (1) (2). Artistic view trumps technical knowledge, and this can unfold better with a nice optical finder!

living life to the Four Thirds!

... and long live Canon, Nikon. Pentax DSLRs!

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