What might go wrong with GX2

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Re: What might go wrong with GX2

peevee1 wrote:

First things first. What MIGHT go wrong? Isn't a little premature at this point? Yes, it is. Just like the rumors which, I suspect, were released deliberately to save some market from going to E-M5 and E-P5, also very prematurely, 3 months before RUMORED ANNOUNCEMENT, not even release (compare to the rumors about GF6, for example, just days before announcement).

So let's discuss what might go wrong with GX2 as rumored, and not abstractly, but in comparison to these competitors the leak was directed against.

By decreasing probability:

1) No weather sealing (compared to E-M5) - almost certainly


2) Less effective IBIS (compared to 5-axis in E-M5 and E-P5) - almost certainly


3) No articulating screen - almost certainly


4) Old inferior 18-mpix sensor from GH2 - high probability (they promise a "new sensor" in every camera, in most cases it is a lie)

I really disagree on this one

5) Low readout speed from the old sensor=lower AF speed - high probability (see above)


6) Low quality EVF, maybe 200kpix unit from LF1, or sequential junk from G-series - high probability (have to fit it over screen somehow).

Panasonic has usually made pretty good EVFs actually (with a few notable misses). My suspicion is that they might be using the Epson really tiny and very good chip in this one (like the VF-4)...not sure they could fit the thing in body otherwise.

7) Too high a price (with 14-42PZ) compared to $900-with-PZ-lens NEX-6 (direct competitor with 2.4Mpix EVF and articulating screen) - medium probability.

Always too high a price at initial release, but that's true of ALL M43s so far, perhaps with the exception of the EM5, which was high but not stratospheric for the technology it contained.

As I am happy as a clam to hear that my favorite electronics company developed IBIS - which would allow it to compete better in m43 market, truly merge the lens system (non OIS lenses would become so much more useful for us handheld shooters) and maybe prevent Pana's exit from the market, I am afraid to get too excited just yet. Any 2, maximum 3 of the potential problems from the list above will make it not very competitive with already existing offers in $800+ range, and I'll doubt they will make much profit at lower prices served by $500 (with kit lenses) E-PL5 and NEX-5r.

What do you think?

My guess is that it will have a new sensor....Don't know if it will be in house or Sony, but am thinking it might be the one that Oly/Sony had that patent for with the PDAF sections embedded in the sensor...that would keep output at about 16MP but have the extra info for PDAF on the other 2MB of sites.

I would guess they are trying to capture the PEN thunder here, and they are probably well aware that the old 18MP sensor is not going to do that, tweaked or not....

We shall see....


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