Why are DSLRs left home 90.2% of the time

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Re: Everything is a compromise of some sort

Marty4650 wrote:

  • camera phones are the most convenient........but you get the crappiest photos
  • compact cameras are pretty convenient........and you get  fairly good results
  • MILC cameras are somewhat convenient........and the results are great
  • DSLRs are very inconvenient to carry..............but you will get the best results

So if crappy photos are your goal, then the choice is obvious. You need a camera phone. And if you want the best possible results, then the choice is obvious too. You need to carry around a DSLR, preferably one with a full frame sensor.

And the rest of us will dwell happily somewhere in the middle.

This does hold true even within the DSLR fold! In particular if you are (stuck) with Canon.

The Rebels are nice and lightweight - but do have crummy finders.

The EOS 60D is a compromise with a reasonable finder and not too unreasonable size.

The EOS 7D has a superb finder and superb controls - bt the owner is punished with a lot of bulk and weight.

Unnecessary in my view, because Pentax shows how one can buildt a SLR with a decent finder (K-30, K-5) make them even waterproof - with less bulk and weight.

With one exception - the EOS 6D is masterpiece of a small full frame - except thy could have included the inbuildt flash, as Nikon did in their full frames.

I rarely carry my external flash on travel, rather additional lenses.

Full frame is not the better for every purpose - the birders prefer the bigger reach (pixel density) of their crops sensor DSLRs....

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